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Konstanter Serie SSP 120 | 240 | 320

KONSTANTER SSP-120, 240 and 320 (Single-Output System Power Supplies) are single output, programable and computer controlled laboratory power supplies for universal use in R&D, production and testing.

Our innovative BET circuit technology (bidirectional energy transformation) allows for practically load independent response times of less than 1 ms (< 4 ms for 80 V device).
The analog interface provides for monitor, auxiliary power and programmable signal outputs, as well as programmable trigger and setpoint inputs.

  • Wide range of functions
  • Comprehensive calibration report
  • Minimal power loss
  • Auto-ranging output with 120, 240 or 320 W
  • Voltage and current regulated output
  • Increased output power for brief intermittent periods
  • Very short response time thanks to BET technology
  • Dynamic sink mode operation
  • Excellent dynamic control parameters
  • Minimal residual ripple
  • Output ON/OFF function
  • Lockable control elements
  • Master-slave operation with parallel or series connection
  • Sequence controls for the generation of voltage and current sequences
  • Protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and excessive temperature
  • Calibration procedure for menu-driven balancing
  • RS 232 interface (complete device operation) / analog interface
  • Floating output terminals at front and rear panel
  • Can be electrically and mechanically combined with multi-output devices

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